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MUAN MX overstep (468 Wh Black pearl)

Muan MX is a versatile mountain e-bike with a broad range of use. Its heart is the popular Bafang electric motor. It is equipped with 29” wheels that provide your rides with necessary stability and speed. Riding this comfy e-bike will give you many great experiences.

Electric motor
Bafang M400 with torque 80 Nm
Integrated battery
Levit SP2.1 in two capacities
Color TFT Bafang C18
RST Gila TnL / SR Suntour XCM HLO
Rear derailleur and shifter
Microshift / Shimano Altus M2000
Disc brakes
Zoom HB-875 / Shimano MT200


  • Black pearl

Battery capacity

  • 468 Wh


Wheel sizes:
Alloy 6061
Electric motor:
Bafang M400
Levit SP2.1 630 Wh (17.5 Ah)
Color TFT Bafang C18
RST Gila TnL (100 mm, with locking from the crown) / SR Suntour XCM HLO (100 mm, with locking from the crown)
Crank set:
Bafang NW (170 mm, 38 t.)
Rear derailleur:
Microshift RD-M46L / Shimano Altus M2000
Microshift Marvo-LT / Shimano Altus M2000
S-Ride M300 (11 - 36 z.) / Shimano HG200 (11 - 36 z.)
Zoom HB-875 (180 mm) / Shimano MT200 (180 mm)
Front hub:
Formula DC-20LW
Rear hub:
Formula DC-22LW
Remerx Rocky Disc (622 x 22 mm)
CST Gaballero 27,5 x 2,25" (57 - 584) / Hartex Xtra Action 27,5 x 2,40" (62-584)
Herrmans Shark Lock-on
Spec Phase 31,8 x 720 mm (17"), 740 mm (19", 21")
Spec Phase 60 mm (17"), 80 mm (19", 21")
Head set:
Spec (semi-integrated, industrial bearings)
Seat post:
Spec Phase 30,9 x 400 mm
Spec Sport

Reasons for selecting this model 

  • Balanced geometry of the frame resembles that of regular bicycles and offers excellent characteristics ensuring a comfy ride.
  • 29” wheels with versatile CST Caballero tires add speed and stability into your ride.
  • Suspension fork with a lock out absorbs shocks perfectly and brings a smooth ride.
  • Powerful Bafang motor with torque of 80Nm is well tried and tested by users.
  • Powerful and fully integrated battery in two capacity options for maximum range.
  • Quality component made by renowned manufacturers.
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes for a safe ride in any terrain.

Comfortable trips on your e-bike

Excellent geometry of this model resembles that of regular bicycles and retains their best characteristics in electric format. Air suspension fork with sufficient travel provides your rides with maximum comfort.

Power for your trips

Powerful Bafang central motor that is very popular with users has a torque of 80Nm, and thus it provides the e-bike with necessary power. High-capacity integrated battery gives sufficient amount of energy even for long rides.

Simple controls

TFT Bafang C18 colour multifunction display contributes to a very convenient and simple control. And you do not even need to take your hands off the handlebars!

Note: Due to worldwide difficulties in the supply chain and high demand for our bikes, we reserve the right to exchange sub-components for alternatives while maintaining the same level (different brand, comparable quality).

The product is included in these categories:

Rider height

  • 145 cm
  • 150 cm
  • 155 cm
  • 160 cm
  • 165 cm
  • 170 cm
  • 175 cm
  • 180 cm
  • 185 cm
  • 190 cm
  • 195 cm
  • 200 cm
  • M (17") 165cm—175cm
  • L (19") 175cm—185cm
  • XL (21") 185cm—195cm

Main advantages

Electric motor Bafang M400 with 80Nm torque

Bafang M400 central motor with 80Nm torque provides the e-bike with a sufficient power to deal with any terrain that you might encounter on your trips. This particular motor is very popular due to its reliability and power.

Integrated battery Levit SP2.1 in two capacity options

A powerful battery integrated into the frame is available in two capacity options: 630Wh and 468Wh. Both options provide sufficient supply of energy even for longer rides.

Display Colour TFT Bafang C18

The colour TFT Bafang C18 display offers backlit speedometer, battery status indicator, clock and many other functions. It has a great design that allows the user to browse through individual functions or select a required assistance level without actually taking hands off the handlebars.

Suspension fork RST Gila TnL (100mm travel, lockout on the crown)

The RST Gila fork features the travel of 100mm and a lock out on the crown, and provides the e-bike with a necessary stability and traction of the front wheel.

Hydraulic disc brakes Zoom HB-875 (180mm rotor)

Zoom HB-875 hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors offer powerful and sensitive braking performance for your rides on and off roads.

Ergonomic grips Herrmans Shark Lock-on

Herrmans Sharks ergonomic grips have and excellent fit and a clamp that makes sure the rider has a firm and secure grip in any riding situation. These grips are very comfortable even during longer rides.

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