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Some product photos of e-bikes and bicycles are only visualizations.


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  2. Company Information (the Custodian of the Personal Data):

Company Name: Levit s.r.o.
Legal Form: limited company 

Company Seat: Puškinova 546, 542 32 Úpice

Identification Numbers (Company ID, Tax ID): Company ID 05565375, Tax ID CZ05565375      

Executives and Their Functions: Petr Svoboda, agent

Contact Data: ;

Phone: +420 499 881 327, +420 499 882 793, +420 603 378 710


Levit s.r.o. company is a registered and exclusive owner of the LEVIT brand.

Our company adheres to legal obligations regarding protection of personal data, especially as far as European Council (EU) regulation 2016/679 from April 27. 2016, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Act on Processing of Personal Data no. 110/2019 Coll. are concerned. We have adopted suitable technical and organisational measures to sufficiently protect personal data.

Personal data acquired from you cannot be accessed by any unauthorised party, and your personal data shall not be submitted to any other party, unless you have been informed thereof previously, and you have expressed your consent with it, or unless required by law, or unless such submission is necessary for performance of a contract or provision of our services.

Your personal data are not provided to third parties and are not transferred outside the Czech Republic either to international or any other subjects. 

  1. Basic Terms:

Personal data - any information regarding a natural person, i.e. name, surname, address, data about birth, phone number, e-mail address etc.

Data subject - any natural person to which personal data are related.

Custodian of the data - any natural person or legal entity that processes the date or is their custodian

Processing of personal data – any operations or any set of operations with personal data, such as collection, storage, updating or modification, use etc.

Consent to processing of personal data – a voluntary, specific, informed and unambiguous manifestation of will by the Data Subject by which the Data Subjects express their consent to processing of their personal data. The Data Subject is entitled to withdraw this consent to processing of their personal data any time and without any reason, and the Custodian of the Data is obliged to terminate processing of such personal data for the given purpose without any undue delay, unless the termination is counter to legal conditions, performance of legal obligations, performance of any contracts, or it is a legitimate interest of the Custodian.

  • Rights of Data Subjects:

The right to be informed

You have the right to ask us to inform you about what personal data about you are collected, and in what extent and to what purpose are the data collected and processed, and whether or not there are any other recipients or a category of recipients of your personal data. Such information shall be provided free of charge within 30 days at most, or within 90 days in extraordinary circumstances of which we shall inform you, though.

If you request to be informed about the character of personal data we collect about you, we will first need to confirm you truly are a person that is the owner of the data. Therefore, you are advised to provide sufficient identification of yourselves in your request.

We are entitled to reject any requests for information that are unfounded, are unreasonably recurring, or their acquisition requires inadequate effort, or that are too difficult to obtain (typically from back-up systems, archives etc.).

The right for update of data, the right for correction

Since personal data may change in time (change of surname, address, for example), we will appreciate if you inform us of any changes. This is related to your right for correction of the personal data we keep about you. If you find out that they are no longer up-to-date, you are entitled to require that they are updated.

The right to object

If you think that your personal data are not processed in accordance with law, you are entitled to propound an objection, and we shall subsequently examine if your objection is justified. Also, you have the right address your objection to a relevant supervisory Data Protection Authority seated at the following address: Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů, Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Praha 7.

The right to erasure and withdrawal of your consent to processing of personal data

If you have given us consent to processing of your personal data, you are entitled to withdraw it anytime, and we shall erase the data that are processed based exclusively on your consent. The right to erasure does not apply to data processed due to obligations arising from performance of a contract, legal reasons or legitimate interests.

Details of the basic terms and subjects’ rights can be found in General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 directive.


Our company processes personal data that fall into these subject categories for the following purposes, with the following legal basis for processing, and an overview of receivers of these data.

Data subject category

Personal data

Purpose of processing

Legal basis



Name, surname, e-mail, phone, website, invoicing address, delivery address, bank account number, Company ID, VAT ID, Cookie files

Registration at a B2C portal and provision of goods and services

Performance according to a contract

Not transferred

Distributors and registered vendors

Name, surname, e-mail, phone, website, invoicing address, delivery address, bank account number, Company ID, VAT ID, Cookie files

Registration at a B2B portal for provision of goods and services

Performance according to a contract

Not transferred

Subscribers to the newsletter

Name, surname, e-mail address

Sending of newsletters with information

Explicit consent

Only to contractual Personal Data processing subcontractor* that provides marketing and PR services

Participants in promotion projects and sports events and testing events for the public

Name, surname, place of residence, DOB, e-mail and phone number

Photography / audio-visual recording from a public event


Inclusion into a project, application for an event, (rental of test bike – individually) and due registration in a project,


project promotion purposes/ events / companies  of the Levit brand


Performance according to contract – applications applied voluntarily; explicit consent


Explicit consent


Only to contractual Personal Data processing subcontractor* that provides marketing and PR services


*Contractual Personal Data processing subcontractor:

The Custodian of Data uses services of contractual partner FullP, s.r.o., Company ID 07990120, seated at Ostrovní 124/21, 110 00 Prague, that can process Subjects’ personal data within the scope of providing contractual marketing and promotion services including webmastering, but only in accordance with criteria and policies stated above. In such case, the Processing Subcontractor uses only their contractual employees for such processing, and is obliged to adhere to any policies and technical measures for data protection that are stipulated in valid laws.


Terms for Processing, storage and deletion of personal data

Subjects’ personal data that are stored in accordance with obligations ensuing from law shall be deleted after a statute of limitation has elapsed during which the Custodian is obliged to keep the data.

Personal data processed based on Subject’s consent shall be kept for maximum of 5 years following the consent provision. The data shall be deleted immediately if the consent is withdrawn.

Personal data that are processed for any other reasons shall be deleted immediately after they have been used for this particular purpose.


Cookie Files

Upon every visit to our website, you are informed of our use of technologies used for collecting and storage of information with the use of cookie files sent to your device. Cookie files are tiny text files that are neither sent anywhere, nor processed by us. These cookie files do not collect any personal information about you, however, full and flawless functionality cannot be guaranteed without them.

Analysis and Statistics

Our website is monitored and analysed using Google Analytics analytic services; no data that are analysed via this service, are your personal data.

Newsletter Sent to E-mail

In case you provide us with your e-mail address in order to receive the newsletter, you give us your explicit consent to us sending you an e-mail newsletter. Our company will not provide the e-mail address thus acquired to any third parties, only to its contractual Processing subcontractor under the terms of providing marketing and promotion services. If you decide anytime in the future that you no longer wish to receive the newsletter, you can withdraw your consent to processing of your e-mail address by replying to the e-mail address provided in the footer of the e-mail, or by sending your request to, or in writing at the company headquarters.

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