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Levit ambassador: Ondřej Moravec

We are honoured and it is our great pleasure to introduce you ambassador of the Levit brand: Ondřej Moravec, a former member of the Czech biathlon national team. For a long time, he was a pillar of the biathlon team, and his name appeared regularly in the starting rosters of World Cup races, Word Championships and Olympic Games. He is also a three-time medallist from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

In 2021, he wrote the last chapter of his long and very successful career in the Czech national team, and ventured with us towards new adventures, becoming the ambassador of our Levit bicycles and e-bikes. Cycling has been his favourite pastime for many years, and being the Levit ambassador is about mainly about having fun. Therefore, we are glad that this allows our cooperation to be absolutely natural as we share the same passion for sports in general and cycling in particular, and have the same vision to keep improving our skills. And Ondřej will tell you about his views on cycling, bicycles and sport in the following lines.


Ondřej and cycling

Riding a bicycle is a hobby for Ondřej. When being an elite athlete, he used bicycle as a training tool. He believes that the e-bike is a bit of acquired taste, and sees it as a thing that opens new possibilities. After all, man has their own limits... He has often encountered that top athletes have e-bikes as a part of their training process, and thinks that if athletes are interested in trying e-bikes, they must make sense.

“How did I get to bicycles? That is really simple. I can basically say that a bicycle is a hobby to me. When I was an elite athlete and trained for winter, I really loved riding bicycle as part of my training routine. I even used to take part in local races when I was young. We used to have this “bike biathlon”, a biathlon on mountain bikes, and I enjoyed it very much. Mountain bikes, road bikes - I always loved them both.”


Being an elite athlete

Ondřej’s career was a really successful one. Just as in any other sport, he felt the weight of the pressure on him, and went through moments of not being in perfect form. He said that the most gruesome is combination of performance and pressures one puts themselves to.

“You may be expecting a bit too much from yourself, and you do not know how to work with it. You must find the correct way that allows you to cope with it, how to filter it out. To know what to take from it and what to ignore.”


The strict approach

“I was strict with myself then. And I still am. I was brought up like this. I would say that I am a kind of older generation, and being strict with yourselves was expected from us. And then it did not appear strange to me. When I started with the sport, I had no clue I would do it for such a long time... but then I saw the sense in it, and I was pretty serious with the sports though I was rather young then. And it stuck with me until the end.”


Sport in general

“I like to watch sports on TV. Cross-country skiing - this is without any question, but I like the Four Hills tournament too... athletics, cycling, mountain bikes. Yesterday I watched a cyclocross World Cup race, so I watch sports relatively often, though I have not had that much time to do it recently. After I decided to end my days in elite sports, I have had different issues to deal with. I am a bit of outsider now, but if I have time and Olympics and so on is on TV, I like to watch... basically anything. I like watching sports, I like seeing a good performance if it is worth watching.”


Bicycle is fun

For Ondřej, sport is mainly about having fun. You must pedal, be active when riding an e-bike, and being in motion is what Ondřej likes doing. He is looking forward to experiencing new things in his being ambassador for Levit. Things related to bicycles that he can learn, get new experience from, and improve. 

“One should do it mainly for fun, and not because he has to because they want to gorge on a lavish dinner, for example (he laughs). I like doing sports and I enjoy it. Everyone has different approach, but one thing should be the same for everyone: the joy and fun are most important.”



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